February 13-15, 2019
Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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  • As the growth rate for data transfer across the globe continues to accelerate at an enormous rate year-on year and...
  • The company’s founder has refused to appear at tomorrow’s parliamentary hearing..
  • Last week I had the honor of being invited to participate in a panel discussion at Datacloud Ireland entitled, “Changing Architectures and the Need for Speed.”


  • Although there are some big variations in the market, the only way is up for those clusters forming to deliver dense cloud and digital service interconnectivity to enterprises.
  • Data Centres: Potential for a Green Future

    10 May 2018 Africa Data Center Association
    Data centres are energy efficient by nature, as they are built for it. More energy usage means more costs, so why waste it?
  • Data conference good for Zim

    26 Jan 2018 Data Centre Afrika
    THE hosting of the Data Centre Africa Conference 2018 in Zimbabwe early next month — for the first time —
  • Data Centre Management as a Service is a game changer

    15 Dec 2017 Riaan de Leeuw, VP for IT Division - Anglophone Africa, Schneider Electric
    Connectivity and data continue to transform the way that industries work, how companies interact and how people live. Data centres, server rooms and IT closets all play a critical role in making this ...
  • Data Center Africa

    14 Jan 2018 Data Centre Afrika
    Africa is an emerging data center market with contrasting differences are also becoming evident between more digitally advanced countries, and all others on the continent.
  • John Gentry, CTO of Virtual Instruments, reflects upon the outcomes of digital transformation thus far and shares his predictions for the data centre and IT industry in 2018.
  • Operator continues to expand its footprint in Europe where GDPR and customers’ cloud transformation continue to drive business.
  • Data Center Pricing Models

    06 Nov 2017 Data Centre Afrika
    Data center pricing models have evolved, and continue to evolve, as we strive to price these big-ticket resources as efficiently as possible.
  • Having the required data centre expertise at hand from day one is the most-crucial pre-requisite to a timely and on-budget launch.
Join us at Data Centre Africa which opens in...

Join us at Data Centre Africa which opens in...





  • We were looking for a place that is a premium vehicle for our products, a wide demographic to grow our business and 2 day’s worth of sales leads to grow over the next 12- 18 month and that is exactly why we are at Data Centre Africa 2019. We have had great conversations and looking forward to creating business with the leads generated from the 2 days.
    David Howe
    CEO, Dermat Limited
  • Data Centre Africa Conference is the go to event for exhibitors in the data centre sector. We want to see the event grow and develop into a leader of all data centre industry events and that’s why we exhibit here. The event will definitely not disappoint, we are looking forward to see many clients & customers multiple new faces – this will lead to lots of visitors coming to ask questions, new networking opportunities and leads.
    Jack Peckham
    Business Development Manager, Rene Electronics

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