February 13-15, 2019
Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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  • The answer is global energy efficiency standards
  • Partech Ventures Launches $120M Africa Tech Fund

    25 Jan 2018 Data Centre Afrika
    Venture capital firm Partech Ventures has launched Partech Africa, a fund dedicated to raising capital for investment in African tech startups, and opened a new office in Dakar, Senegal.
  • Preventing, managing datacentre emergencies

    28 Dec 2017 Schneider Electric, IT Division
    • White paper decribes seven elements
    • `Expertise in crisis management can be learnt
    • Download report in the link provided
  • PEACE Subsea Cable Set for Late 2019 Launch

    04 Jan 2018 Data Centre Afrika
    Huawei Marine Networks is about to commence the next development stage of the planned Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE)....
  • The Department of Basic Education (DBE) in partnership with The Training Room Online (TTRO).....
  • Phil Collerton to be the Keynote Speaker

    09 Oct 2017 Data Centre Afrika
    We are delighted to announce that Phil Collerton will be one of the keynote speakers
Join us at Data Centre Africa which opens in...

Join us at Data Centre Africa which opens in...





  • We were looking for a place that is a premium vehicle for our products, a wide demographic to grow our business and 2 day’s worth of sales leads to grow over the next 12- 18 month and that is exactly why we are at Data Centre Africa 2019. We have had great conversations and looking forward to creating business with the leads generated from the 2 days.
    David Howe
    CEO, Dermat Limited
  • Data Centre Africa Conference is the go to event for exhibitors in the data centre sector. We want to see the event grow and develop into a leader of all data centre industry events and that’s why we exhibit here. The event will definitely not disappoint, we are looking forward to see many clients & customers multiple new faces – this will lead to lots of visitors coming to ask questions, new networking opportunities and leads.
    Jack Peckham
    Business Development Manager, Rene Electronics

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